From late September to April our sweet fresh mangoes can be found gracing the shelves at your local supermarket or greengrocer, with many varieties on display for you to choose from, all of them equally delectable, and all of them ready for you to take home.

And why wouldn’t you? When the mango fills the house with its fresh, juicy aroma, it’s time to celebrate the coming of summer and all the good things summer brings – the sun, the surf, the hot sand, the family holidays spent on the beach, the company of good friends and evenings under the stars, and a good old Aussie barbecue in the back yard. Yes, the mango season is upon us – now is the time to go a mango!

The best way to buy a mango is to simply use your nose.  A ripe fresh mango should have a fragrant tropical aroma that varies in intensity from very subtle to strong depending on the variety.  A ripe mango will be firm and give slightly to the touch so avoid mangoes that are hard, very soft or bruised. Also avoid mangoes that are wrinkled or shrivelled as they will be overripe with an unpleasant fermented flavour.